Message from the Leader

Have you heard of the word LGBT?

LGBT refers to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, the first of the many forms of sexual minorities.

“I’ve seen this on TV, but are there really people like that out there!?”
The above is a frequent reaction of many, however with Dentsu’s Diversity Labo survey conducted on over 70,000 respondents, 5.2% stated that they were LGBT. In other words, this 5.2% is equivalent or more than the left handed or blood type AB population.
This translates to roughly 6.8 million people in Japan being LGBT. Definitely not a number/size to ignore.

“Haven’t met that many LGBT people you just described!”
If you feel that way, it is not because you have not met them but it is you just have not yet realized who they are. This is because sexuality is not something physically visible. For that reason, because of the fear that non LGBT individuals would not understand and embrace them, many LGBT individuals still cannot openly reveal their sexuality. That very person might be right next to you in the classroom, workplace, train or even family that is struggling but cannot come out.

During “Tokyo Rainbow Week 2013” we aim to raise awareness on sexual minorities focused on LGBT and hope that more people can understand them better. Through cooperation with various organizations, corporations and the media we are planning a wide range of events from ones that anybody can just walk in to more in-depth learning.

Isn’t a warm welcoming and embracing society for minorities, also the same for that of the majority?

We aim our activities during this week to not just be limited to sexuality, but of diverse lifestyles of all kinds and hoping that this will create a friendly society for all and mutually supporting each other from our base here in Tokyo.

Please come and join us, regardless of your sexuality – LGBT or not alike.
Looking forward to welcoming you!